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Spas, The Catherdrals Of The 21st Century
From expectation to reailsation, the journey is often long and fraught with difficulties but, in a hotel, the spa seems to be indispensable. Whose advice should you follow – the big group philosophy or an individual approach?

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Massage Therapy Also Follows Trends
What kinds of massage therapies are preferred by health spa and beauty salon aficionados? Which ones are indispensable at the moment? And which ones are going to be the next big trend? Olivier Aron, President of the ROSAE group and founder of the Massage Academy, imparts his valuable advice..

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The Role Of Therapists In Hotel Spas
When it comes to successfully managing a hotel spa, therapists are at a distinct advantage compared to other professionals who may be involved in these organisations, due to their training, which equips them with an incredible sense of versatility...

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The Wellness Industry

MKG Consulting has carried out a vast study on the following market sectors: wellness, zen, beauty, spa, health and fitness, tanning salons, senior citizens, wellness coaching, medicine and cosmetic surgery. You should find the results very motivating...

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All about massage...

Today it’s hard to imagine a beauty institute/salon and definitely a spa that would not have any massages on offer. But which type of massage should one offer? What training should one have? Are there any hard and fast rules for giving a good massage?

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The word Mesotherapy is derived from the Greek word mesos, "middle", and therapy from therapeia, "to treat medically". The treatment consists of multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications - plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients just under the epidermis or deeper into the dermis..

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The Top 10 Spa Mistakes

The world of spas is most certainly a complex one. There are so many aspects to take into consideration, and with the industry growing by a large percentage annually, it is vital to understand where the possible downfall areas of the spa are. This can often separate you from your competition and ensure the success of your spa...

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How Do Your Clients Choose Their Spa

When your clients make a decision about which spa to frequent, they look for a place where they can enjoy some “me time”, where they can relax and experience a sense of well being and somewhere where they can pamper their bodies as well as their minds...

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Spas inject new life Into Luxury Hotels

These days, without a spa, a 4 star hotel would lose a percentage of its clientele. Creating a spa may be a rather costly affair initially but a number of establishments have found that they have been able to reclaim these costs in a fairly short space of time ...

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The spa, that's you

The word "spa" seems to be on everyone's lips these days but very few people seem to know what it really means. One thing is obvious from the outset, though, and that is that spas are proving to be lucrative businesses...

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Spa de Beauté

Today, things have evolved to the extent where you sometimes skip the appearance enhancement part of the process and move straight to the promotion of health and well-being. That said, the aspect of appearance remains prominent especially since some spas ...

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Kobido - An Ancient Japanese Way of Beauty

When people want to get healthy, look good and feel better, they go to the bookstore and pick up the latest wellness book on the market. All too often, the book is cracked, a few chapters are read, and then ...

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One thing is certain when it comes to the S.P.A. and that is the significance of those three letters: Sanitas Per Aqua, health through the medium of water! Everyone seems to have their own definition of the word ...

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