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When discussing the new Decleor salon body treatment programme: Aromatic Spa Mosaic, with the team at Decleor, it was decided to take the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques reader through a step by step journey of these treatments.

An appointment was made at Verona Spa and the journey began. However, both the Decleor treatments and the Verona Spa, where so impressively relaxing, that it was extremely hard to concentrate on the journey, and I can see why to quote on Verona Spa’s website: “SO CLOSE... YET WORLDS APART FROM THE ORDINARY!” is so apt.

Verona is a tranquil island within the city and you can rest assured that you will leave feeling better than when you first arrived, your treatment options range from ancient eastern techniques and relaxation to European rejuvenating therapies.

This magnificent facility resembles the eclectic style of ancient Rome with state-of-the-art massage and treatment rooms, sauna and steam rooms and the heated Roman Spa whirlpool.

As leaders in the world of Aroma-skincare, Decleor understands the need for both physical and psychological well-being, therefore using the significant powers of aromatherapy and phytotherapy each treatment has been developed to revive, rejuvenate and restore the skin together with rebalancing mind, body and spirit.

The first step is to determine the exact needs of the client. Treatments are divided into categories: Aromatic Massage, Aroma Body Envelopment, Aromatic localised targeted treatments or Hydrotherapy treatments. These treatments are further individualised according to 4 themes:

Relax: De-stress and unwind

Flow: Activate and stimulate

Detox: Drain and refine

Tonic: Tone and firm

Thus allowing a complete and personalised approach.

My treatment: The Aroma Relax Body Envelopment.

First a gentle exfoliation of the body, with a loofah based product to cleanse the skin. The product was applied, dried for a few minutes and then the skin massaged with a towelling glove to exfoliate – the loofah had a chalky feel to it and left the skin soft and very receptive to the next step. The Aromatic Balm Relax, combined with a very needed back massage. This was followed with a creamy mask. For as long as I have been in the industry, I have also been struck by the indulgence of a full body mask or wrap, and this Decleor creamy mask certainly lives up to this indulgent expectation. I was covered with the sheath and then a heated blanket, to bring about both the cocooning effect, something the psychologists are identifying as a need in the modern world of pace and stress and also the heat facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients and brings about a feeling of well-being. The mask remained on for a few minute, allowing for complete relaxation.

The mask is then showered off and a Decleor Body Lotion applied, to retain the moisture and active ingredients in the skin and extend the treatment for quite a few hours, to follow. However, the fragrance was so divine, that you could easily forget about the additional benefits.

As an extra Verona Spa included into the treatment and I certainly can recommend this: a Hydrotherapy bath for 10 minutes, instead of a shower. The darkened room, softlit candles and bubbling jets, seemed to dissolve the only possible fragment of remaining stress, leaving one in state of deepened relaxation.

Our brief aromatic journey is now complete, with Verona Spa in combination with Decleor certainly providing a luxurious in-city retreat from the outside world for the individual or individuals who demands high standards and who needs to recharge the body and mind.

For more information on Decleor or Verona Spa: contact Les Nouvelles Esthetiques on e-mail: info@lesnouvelles.co.za.





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